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Tupelo Program

Program Description 

Tupelo is located at Marin School, and is a part of Albany Children’s Center. Tupelo serves children kindergarten-5th grade, providing quality school-age care before and after the elementary school day. The Tupelo program is safe, nurturing and educational. Tupelo is committed to promoting, supporting and enhancing all areas of a child’s development. We strive to provide a balance of educational, social and recreational opportunities to make our program special for the children in our care.

All children enrolled in Tupelo in the afternoon have the opportunity to learn Spanish as a part of the program. The Spanish Enrichment program is conducted by a native Spanish-speaking teacher and is based on extensive research-proven methodologies and approaches to second language acquisition. Children learn Spanish through music, stories, games, movement and outdoor activities in a fun and meaningful learning environment. The Spanish curriculum is based in thematic units, in which children will explore basic vocabulary, expressions and commands, through meaningful interactions and fun communicative activities.

Program Schedule

The morning, before care, program is open 7:30-9:30 in room 24. Breakfast snack is provided during the morning hours.

7:30 choice time
7:45 breakfast snack offered
8:15 early bird kindergarten children walked to class
8:25 early bird older children released to go to class
8:30 choice time
8:45 breakfast snack offered
9:15 late bird kindergarten children walked to class
9:25 late bird older children released to go to class

The afternoon, after care, program is open 1:00-6:00. The kindergarten children are in room 21; the older children are in room 21 and the multi-use room. Afternoon snack is provided during the afternoon hours.

Kindergarten:  Room 24

Older Students: Room 21 & Multi-use room

1:00      early birds picked up

1:55     early birds arrive

1:10      outside play time

2:00     choice time

1:30      Spanish instruction

2:30      Spanish instruction

2:00      late birds picked up

3:05      late birds arrive

2:10      late bird play time/early bird choice time

3:10      snack time

3:00      Spanish instruction

3:30      Spanish instruction

3:30      Snack time

4:00     choice time

4:00      Outdoor play time

5:00     clean up

5:15      all children move to room 24 – indoor choice time and projects

6:00      close