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OV Maples Program

Program Description

Maples is located at Ocean View School, and is a part of Albany Children’s Center. Maples serves children in First through third grades, providing high quality school-age care after the elementary school day. The Maples program provides a respectful, safe and engaging atmosphere in which the children learn in a play-based environment. The younger, first grade, students are located in a separate classroom to personalize the curriculum for their age-group; the first-grade room is named Redwoods.

All children enrolled in Maples will be engaged in thematic learning experiences that involve reading, writing, arts and crafts, science, math, and social studies. The learning is play-based and offered both inside the classroom and outside. We implement a developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive program. We enable children to feel pride about their identity and we enable them to develop respect and appreciation for differences.

Program Schedule

The morning, before care, program is available 7:30-9:30. The before care program is held in the Chinese school classroom, just next door. Breakfast snack is provided during the morning hours.

The afternoon, after care, program is open 1:45-6:00 in the Maples and Redwoods classrooms. Afternoon snack is provided during the afternoon hours.

Maples Daily Schedule

Redwoods Daily Schedule


2:05      early bird children arrive

2:00      early bird children are picked up

2:05      whole group instruction  (EB)

2:05      whole group instruction (EB)

2:25      inside choice time and projects

2:20      inside choice time and projects

3:05      late bird children arrive       

3:05      late bird children are picked up

3:05      whole group instruction (LB)

3:15     whole group instruction (LB)/ outdoor for EB

3:30      snack time

3:30     snack time

3:45      outdoor/ indoor choice time and projects

3:30     outdoor choice time


4:15     inside choice time and projects

5:00     inside choice time and projects

5:15     clean up

5:30     welcome Redwoods children

5:30     walk to Maples

5:40     whole group time

6:00     close of program