ACC Enrollment


The Preschool Application can be found here.  Students aged between 2 years 9 months and five years old are eligible.

For School-Age Care (Tk- 5th grade) Please fill out an application on this page to enroll for before and after-school care.

Please note the Albany Children’s Center maintains a waiting list for both the subsidized programs and for full-cost program openings. 


There are standard forms to be completed for enrollment in our program. Many of these forms are required by the California Department of Social Services and the California Department of Education or the federal government. We appreciate your patience with this process. More importantly, though, is that your family and child be comfortably introduced to their teacher and that you feel warmly welcomed into our center community. This process can be different for each family depending on the child’s age and needs.
For preschool children and younger, sometimes this process can take a week. We encourage you to bring your preschool child to visit while you remain at Children's Center. You may be interested in visiting a second time while your child participates in the program and you watch from a distance. You may want to bring your child for half day the first day you leave them in the program and gradually extend the amount of time your child stays. You and the teacher can discuss this plan so your child can have a smooth transition into our program.
Older children will adjust more quickly. We also want you to spend enough time in the program to feel comfortable. We want you to know that you are always welcome.
Please feel free to talk to the ACC teacher or other ACC staff, to offer your advice or suggestions, and to share information about your child.

Complete enrollment paperwork

Once there is space available for your child, our office will notify you to come to our main office to pick up the enrollment package. The Albany Children’s Center Main Office is located at: 720 Jackson Street in Albany, California. Telephone: (510)559-6590, Fax: (510)559-6593.
The ACC Coordinator and/or Office Staff will go over all the paperwork with you, answer your questions, and set up a start day for your child. When all paperwork is complete, you will be asked to bring your child to visit the classroom teacher before starting his/her first day of school. This gives you and your child the opportunity to meet the teacher and discuss your child’s development.