Redwoods program: 1st-2nd

Program Description:

Redwoods is a part of Albany Children’s Center. Redwoods serves children in the first and second grades, providing high quality school-age care before and after the elementary school day. The Redwoods program provides a respectful, safe and engaging atmosphere in which the children learn in a play-based environment.

All children enrolled in Redwoods will be engaged in thematic learning experiences that involve reading, writing, arts and crafts, science, math, and social studies. The learning is play-based and offered both inside the classroom and outside. We implement a developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive program. We enable children to feel pride about their identity and to develop respect and appreciation for differences.

Program Schedule:

The morning, before care, program is available 7:30-9:30.  Breakfast snack is provided during the morning hours.

The afternoon, after care, program is open 2:00-6:00. Afternoon snack is provided during the afternoon hours.


Redwoods Daily Schedule


2:00      early bird children arrive

2:05      whole group instruction- Early Birds (EB)

2:25      inside choice time and projects

3:05      late bird children arrive       

3:05      whole group instruction- Late Birds (LB)

3:30      snack time

3:45      outdoor/ indoor choice time and projects

5:00     inside choice time and projects

5:30     clean up

5:40     reading and quiet activities

6:00     close of program